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Human Trafficking's Prevention

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Engaging Minds Services Resource Center


To provide support to survivors by providing them with the resources they need to break cycles of human trafficking and abuse in their lives.  

Engaging Minds Services Resource Center focuses on helping survivors of human trafficking and abuse find community resources and services so that they can heal, dream, and succeed. We do not charge for our services or require the survivor that we assist to have insurance. While we do not provide therapy or 24/7 crisis support yet, we do provide unconditional community support to survivors. Our Human Advocates use the most up to date trauma-informed care and practices as they listen to, encourage, and help survivors of human trafficking and abuse receive the help and resources that they require to meet their life goals. 

General services offered: 

  • Providing Care Packages

  • Building life skills and coping skills 

  • Discussing how to build a healthy support system 

  • Providing psychoeducation on various topics related to human trafficking and abuse 

  • Providing a list of local community resources that can help meet their needs and goals  

  • Helping contact and link survivors to appropriate community resources when needed 

  • Offering adult education in a variety of skills

While we assist both survivors of human trafficking and abuse through Engaging Mind Services Resource Center, our primary focus is helping survivors of Human trafficking. 

Programs: Services
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