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Respectful, Open-minded, Self-Disciplined, Empowered

The mission of ROSE is to foster the advancement of girls to make positive life choices while building self-esteem and giving back to their community.

Program Focus

  • This program will be held weekly to promote a series of life skills workshops. The focus of these workshops are on confidence/self-esteem, etiquette, finances, higher education, decision making, and communications skills. This program is aimed to point girls into making positive life choices and growing into womanhood.

  • This program will also stimulate collective thoughts of young women through discussions and panel forums. The topics focus on issues facing young women like “Body Image,” “Valuing Yourself,” “Growing up without a Dad,” “Identifying Positive Role Models,” and “Leadership 101.” Leaders/Guest Speakers will facilitate these discussions and will add their thoughts, feelings, and their unique experiences.

R.O.S.E: Programs
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